2010 14th May

Meet Jason W.

Today I mwt with Jason W. From Intelligent Office. What a cool idea. They set you up with an instant brick and mortor office that you can rent by the hour. From what I’ve seen, he and Amayea (from Cybertary) offer very complimentry services.

Jason has lived here for about 3 years. He lived in San Diego before that. Over the years he’s explored a number of businesses. He was a turn-around specialist for pluming companies quite awhile. He’s got a lot of experience in business that he brings to his clients.

Jason seems to have a clear vision of where he wants to be. He is currently managing Good News magazine. You might want to contact him if you want to advertise to his audience.

It looks like he will be joining our BNI chapter, so please congratulate him, when you see him.

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