2010 7th June

BNI meeting Friday June 4th

Here are the meeting notes from last Friday!

Our leadership team is filled!
President – Chuck
Vice President –Holly
Secretary/Treasurer – Sean
Membership Committee – Amaya & Corinne
Event Coordinator – Chaz
Visitor Host – Jason, Chach, Jen

We are at 23 members! Keep in mind to get on the Hall of Fame we want to have 35+ members at kick off! I know we can get there with the awesome group we have!!

Please start writing down your 40 invites, don’t wait until the last minute!

A couple important dates:
June 25th – letters are due
July 2nd – we are going to be exchanging list of 40 invites
July 9th – this is our KICK OFF!!!
July 16th – Givers Gain first official meeting

Please remember if you have not visited a showcase chapter – this is a requirement!

Remember our dance cards this week and the exchanging of the 60 second sales manager minutes. Here are the dance cards to exchange:
Amar – Jason R.
James – Ron
Chaz – Kacy
Chuck – Alex
Sean – Holly
Erica – Tom
Phil – Mark
Amaya – Jason W
Craig – Jen
Tracy – Chach
Corinne – Nohl

Please let me know if I have missed anyone or might be incorrect with who is meeting with who!

Everyone have a great week!! Thanks again for all you guys do!!



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