2010 13th July

Tech News July 12, 2010 Google Google Google

July 10, 2010: Google’s YouTube.com announced that they now support up to 4k resolution. This is 2 times the quality that IMAX uses on their giant 25 foot movie screens. Clearly YouTube is planning for a super hidef future.

July 10, 2010: Google to invest $100 million in online game developer Zynga. If you’re not sure who Zynga is, just think Farmville, or Frontierville, or one of the other time sucking highly addictive games found on Facebook. Personally, if Google wants to replace Facebook, they need access to entertainment. Since they recently introduced a mini Pacman game on their Google page, it looks like they see the value of games as a revenue stream and a draw for pages with advertising.

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