2010 13th September

** WordPress video tutorials and online documentation **

If you wish for introductory help with WordPress help, here are some helpful videos and online help documents. Note: we just added help with adding images. Not everyone wants to look for help on this feature 😉

If you would like to see help on other topics, please notify info@focusww.com

  1. Managing posts
  2. Managing pages
  3. Managing categories
  4. Managing themes
  5. Managing plugins
  6. Managing comments
  7. Managing users
  8. Add images New! WP version 2.9

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Note: we want to streamline this help to make it more accessible. We welcome your comments and observations 🙂

  1. WordPress documentation – First Steps
  2. WordPress documentation – Jargon
  3. WordPress documentation – Plan Your Site
  4. WordPress documentation – Using Pages
  5. WordPress documentation – Writing Posts
  6. WordPress documentation – Using Images
  7. WordPress documentation – Using Themes
  8. WordPress documentation – Business Blogging and Shopping

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