2011 27th February

WordPress 3.1 is out and adds some nice features for site editors

WordPress has been updated again. This time with some interesting new features.

Really there are two keys that will make managing you site easier.

1. Vastly easier linking within a site

2. A handy administrator bar to speed navigation while updating a site

There are also hundreds of minor improvements under the hood, but item 1 and 2 above are the ones that will help you out every day.

New intra site link example

New intra site link example

I found a nice explanation of how to use the new linking feature here. Basically when you are editing a page or a post, you can easily highlight a word or picture, click on link and then search your own site for a post or a page to link to. Click! and you’re done.

The other helpful addition is anĀ administratorĀ bar that stays at the top of the screen while working on your site. This is really handy when you are reviewing the pages of your site and you want to jump in and edit a page, or just straight to the dashboard, or even review comments left on your site.

I might note that the Admin bar seems to have redraw issues with Google chrome. It draws the bar on the screen multiple times.

Admin Bar


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