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Nohl Lyons, Owner
Nohl Lyons, Owner

As a business owner, I understand the trials of operating a business.

I’m a firm believer in word of mouth business promotion. Virtually all of our business has come from referrals. The highest compliment you can pay is to refer your friends to us.Philosophically, I encourage you to be polarizing. Be yourself. Those people who don’t like what they see are probably the customers who would have driven you nuts. Those people who like what they, will be your best friends and customers.


We stand behind our work and everything we do.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes fair pricing and clear explanations. Our goal is to make your role in the design process as clear and easy as possible. Open and honest communication builds your trust. If we believe that your wishes may conflict with your business goals, we will let you know – regardless of how it may effect our business. We are focused on establishing a long-term relationship with you to help your business grow.


 We are extremely detail oriented.

We design for the client, the audience and the media. Our web pages to load quickly, our graphics print affordability, and we maintain very high quality standards to keep you satisfied time after time. Each project is a new opportunity to prove that we are your best choice.


To us “Service” means creating designs that people boast about.

It means answering questions and helping clients get the ball rolling. We will take the time to answer questions that help you make the choices that are best for you.


Focus Web Works believes in education.

We support the educational needs of all our team members, with the strong belief that a better educated staff will better serve the customer.We also believe that educating our customers isn’t just courtesy — it’s good business. A well-informed customer can make better decisions and will tell his or her friends about the great help and service found at Focus Web Works. Web site design can be complicated and arcane. It’s important for clients to understand that we will be here to explain and help out in any way we can.