Amayea Maat: your Cybertary

//Amayea Maat: your Cybertary

Amayea Maat: your Cybertary

On thursday, I finally had a chance to sit down with Amayea from Cybertary. We have been struggling to set up a meeting for so long. This is one busy lady.

Since this was our first meeting, I only learned a few choice bits about her business and personal history. If you get to meet her, ask about the military connection between her fiance and her kids.

Amayea is hard worker, and she will admit that she will push herself harder than any boss. She has left her mark both at Xerox and Intuit.

Amayea’s business, Cybertary, is an interesting business solution. They provide a la carte business assistance in seemingly countless ways without a contract. They can reconcile your quickbooks, or transcribe dictation. Ask her for a one of her 140 examples.

Want to know more? Give me a call and I’ll give you her number. ūüôā

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