Another Great Meeting

//Another Great Meeting

Another Great Meeting

Today’s BNI meeting had so many great guests. It was kind of insane. El Parador’s staff had to add a table. Yeah!

This was a high energy meeting with great referrals and testimonials.

One pleasant surprise was the welcome addition of my wife Sami. She is a Mary Kay Consultant and very good with customers. I was impressed with her 60 second commercial. Nice job hun ūüôā

We also had 3 people present representing health and wellness solutions. Let’s hope one of them sees the value of joining and gets that application in.

We had an electrician present. That’s great. We need him. We have a very strong group of professionals who work in/on your home. He would be a great addition.

A very nice woman named Morella came with some very fancy handbags. Sadly my wife bought one. My kids ate ramen tonight. Just kidding, they love ramen.

Overall it was a great meeting. If you want to know more, please contact me. Seeing is believing.


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