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I Have been using BackBlaze for over a year now and it is so seemless, you don’t even notice it is there.

It works for both Mac’s and PC’s. You can use the included Control Panel to  choose which folders to exempt from backups, or how much of your computer’s performance you are willing to give over to the backup, or how often to backup, or even add an private encryption key for sensitive data.


Most of the settings in the control panel are pretty self-explanatory and the reports seem fairly detailed.

Should you actually need to recover data, the process is pretty simple.

1. Visit the website.
2. Select files to recover.
3. Wait for selected files to be made ready for download.
4. Either Download your data (free), or pay for a copy to be sent to you. If you choose the paid route, there are two options:

1) USB Flash Drive 60GB max $99
2) USB Hard Drive 3GB max $189

Where does it fit in with DropBox or SugarSync? They actually can live side by side. Backblaze quietly keeps your data safe while the other cloud sync tools like DropBox let you share and sync files that you use all the time.

So far I have had one surprise which in retrospect is sort of a no-brainer: if your drive crashes, tell the Backblaze support team right away. If they stop getting data from a drive, they assume you don’t want to back it up anymore. Like many spouses, they can’t read your mind. You have 30 days before they will securely delete data that they consider to be ‘Removed’ so you have time to save up for a new drive or the money for a backup Flash drive.

I’ve contacted the support team on two occasions and they seem to know their stuff and usually get back to you within 24 hours. (Remember to check your spam folder).

The Backblaze service can be purchased for a little as $3.96/month if you pay for it a year at a time. I have been satisfied with the service.


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