BNI Givers Gain Meeting Notes

//BNI Givers Gain Meeting Notes

BNI Givers Gain Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from May 28th meeting

  1. Our next meeting is June 4th.  We are going to begin training so between then if you have someone that is wanting to be a member, they need to get with Chrisie with their application completed and money given to her before this meeting.
  2. We are looking for our kickoff to be July 9th
  3. These are the dates of the MSP that NEED to be attended before kickoff:
    1. Saturday, June 5th from 9-12
    2. Wednesday, June 16th from  3:30 – 6:30
    3. Saturday, July 10th from 9-12

**These are held at the Varsity Suites on Speedway and Alvernon**

Any questions regarding these or any issues you have with attending them, you need to speak with Chrisie

  1. Also you must also attend the Advanced Leadership Team Training on:
    1. June 8th 2:30-5:30 (same location)
  2. These are the spots that we have filled for our leadership team as of now:
    1. President – Chuck Zaepfel
    2. Vice President – Holly Behan
    3. Membership Committee – Corinne Ortiz & Amaya Maat
    4. Educational Coordinator:  Phil Manker (Amaya to back him up)
    5. Event Coordinator – Chaz Elstein
    6. Visitor Host – Jason Robinson, Chach Jackson***We need a couple more**
    7. Secretary/Treasuer: ???

Notes courtesy of Holly B.

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