Friday’s meeting. Finally

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Friday’s meeting. Finally

Holly wrote this up on Monday, and I’m just getting to it at 1:41 the following Friday. Oops.

Here are the notes :}

Hello and Happy Monday to all!

Here are the notes from meeting, please read them all, there is a lot of important information in this and you don’t want to miss anything.

I know we spoke of a Givers Gain Blog – Nohl how are we doing on that?! <Its under construction. Hope to have it ready early next week>

We had a couple people decide to not continue.  Even though we will re-invite them, please keep their positions open for when you are making your 40 invite lists.
Mark Campbell – Car School
James Currain – Interior Designer
Erica and Brice – Me Salon / Better Bodies
Eric Stone – Nutrition

<This bums me out. I liked those guys.>
This Friday, June 19th our first leadership team training is going to be held after our meeting. Please remember to put it on your calendar.
President –  Chuck Zaepfel
Vice President – Holly Behan
Secretary / Treasurer – Jason Watson
Membership Committee – Corinne Ortiz and Amaya Maat
Education – Phil Manker
Event Coordinator – Chaz Elsten
Visitor Host – Jason Robinson, Jen O’Brien, Chach Jackson
*If you cannot make it, please make sure you touch base with myself or Chuck*
<Wow, I think I’m the only one not on the leadership team.>
Chrisie has taken off the Northwest as a showcase chapter.  Also keep in mind – We want to be a showcase chapter to start off!

Important Dates to remember:

June 16th – This Wednesday 2:30 – 6:30 MSP Training.  At Varsity Suites – Speedway / Alvernon
June 24th – Advanced MSP Training – Module 1 – Referral Mindset * this is going to be an amazing class, please try to attend since it is the beginning of the modules!
June 25th – Letters are due * attached are the documents for merging your letters * please don’t wait until the last minute to get these completed
July 9th – Is our kick off date!  Whoohoo!!
July 10th – Last MSP Training able to attend (if you have not already attended) 9:00 – 12:00 Varsity Suites – Speedway /Alvernon
July 16th – First run meeting with Chuck as President!

Please take a look at the attachments and please let Chuck know if there are any issues.

Thank you ALL again for ALL you do!  Have a great week and we will see a lot of you at the training this Wednesday!

<Man, she takes good notes – Thanks Holly>

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