If you realized that you need a new website for your business or you see that your current website is not bringing in business, it is probably time to design a new website.

But how do you find the right web design agency?

There are a few important things for you to consider before you start the process. Your new website will be with you for awhile and you want to be well acquainted before you enter into a contract.

Below we outline the steps that our clients have gone through and sometimes wish they went through before coming to us.

Steps to finding the right web designer for your new business website

Check with Different Website Designers

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You have options. There are scores of web designers available to you. A quick Google search will bring up many different options. And the thing with web design is it can be done online. You do not have to be in the same room as your web designer, though sometimes there is an amazing benefit to working in the same town as your designer.

Look at Website Design Samples

Look at samples of your prospective web designer’s work. Take in their portfolio. You can see what they are able to do and learn about their style of work. It will help you decide if their work and process line up with your business’ needs.

Learn About Your Website Designer’s Experience

Web designers, like a fine wine, get better with age and experience. You will want a web designer with a number of years of experience. With experience comes innovation and the ability to adapt to web design issues.

Determine How Customized You Need Your Website Design to Be

How specialized of a website do you need? 0% custom? 50% 100% You will most likely not want a template design that other businesses are using. You will want a unique site that highlights your brand and broadcasts your message. Custom designed websites will stand out on the internet. They will catch your website visitor’s attention and if done right, open their wallets.

Communicate with Your Website Designer

website design arizonaYou need to be able to communicate with your web designer. The two of you must outline the goals of the website upfront and in advance. You need to know what you will get if you enter into an agreement with the designer and you need to know when you will get it. There should be mutually agreed upon milestones that you work through to ensure that your website is delivered on time and ready for online consumption.

We have a multi-page itemized website design process that we use for every website that we build. We outline the work to be done during pre-planning and website development.

We define things like the number of pages to build, graphics, photos, and video that will be created for the website. Need for logo design or redesign? We cover that too. We also highlight the estimated time of completion and work to be done on the website after delivery, that is website maintenance.

When you have these things clearly defined, you and your web designer will have an effective and productive relationship.

Prepare for Website Design Adjustments

After the website is delivered, tweaks are sometimes needed. We build that into our planning phase just before our last deliverable.

Determine Where You are Going to Host Your Website?

If you are coming into this with no basis or if you need to get away from your current website hosting solution, you will need to consider hosting. Website designers typically have their favorite website host, but this is where things get tricky. You will want to ensure that the hosting solution you go with gives you room to grow your website,  but you also want to make sure that you do not get a hosting solution that is much more than your business will ever need. Work with your web designer to come up with the best possible hosting solution so that you can scale as you need to.

Determine Needs for Specialized Programming Solutions for Your Website

hire tucson web designerWill your website need a shopping cart for online sales?

Will you need a membership portal?

Will you need to show different website content to your website visitors based on where they are, how they find you, or what language they speak?

If so, you will need a web designer that is also fluent in web programming. We can help you because we know what it takes to implement an effective website programming solution.

Calculate Odds of Getting the Website Design You Want

tucson web design solutionsShould you check with your web designer’s prior clients? In addition to looking at their portfolio of work, you should look at their online reviews and actually talk with businesses that had their websites designed and deliver by your potential web designer. You need to know in advance if your web designer can do what they say they can do and you need to know what the working relationship will be like.

Will you like working with your web designer?

And you should always check with the potential web designer’s previous clients to make sure they give him or her a good reference. Remember website design just like any other service. You need to verify a web designer’s references and make sure they can do what they say they can do.

So, to bring these steps together, you should search online to find the right web designer for you. You should check reviews and talk to previous customers. Learn what your web designer can do and what they can do for you. Decide if the web designer lines up with your vision and, if they do, how long it will take to create the website for your business and what kind of maintenance is available after the website is delivered.

Here at Focus Web Works, we specialize in affordable and effective web design for all business types. We have tailored web hosting solutions and we stand by our 5-star reputation for Tucson website design.  We have been doing this since 1999.  We invite you to look at our portfolio and talk to our clients. Click here to start the conversation on your custom web design solution.