How do you measure success?

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How do you measure success?

When you are deciding how to spend you business dollars, how are you making your decision?

What you should be doing is asking questions and making notes. “How did you hear about us?” This tells you which of your ads or web sites are working for you.

Once upon a time, everyone said, “yellow pages.” Now, I don’t know more than one or two people who still rely on that medium. If you deal primarily with younger customers – downsizing your Yellow Page ad will save some serious green.

If you get lots of business by referral, how can you reward people for their support? For many people, the reward is to continue the quality of service that made them appreciate you in the past.  Some sort of carrot is still a nice way to say, ‘Thank you.”

If you are using multiple ads, do you know which ads bring in the most money? Make sure that your entire customer service team asks, “How did you hear about us?”

One method that we can help with is to setup different web pages for different promotions. This will help you track which promotions drove the most traffic to your web site.

Remember: a business without advertising is like smiling at someone pretty in a dark room. You know what your doing, but nobody else does. 🙂


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