Is it time for a website update?

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Is it time for a website update?

My friend Amber at National PC Solutions, pointed me to a quiz for website owners. Quiz: Is it time to update your website?

There were some really good questions, like: Does updating the content on your website require the involvement of your technical staff or a third-party web vendor? or Do you manually collect customer information and then re-enter into a separate database? or Does your site house “dynamic” content; i.e. – does the information on it change on a regular basis?

Focus Web Works has simple solutions for all the problems in the article. The one topic that was not addressed is follow-through. The internet is full of people who want to educate you up to the point where they sell you something. Then you will find that support falls on it’s face.

Before I ever sat down to code a website, I worked in the technical support industry for 7 years. 5 of those years, I trained support representatives. Before that I taught at the University of Arizona, while finishing my masters degree. In short, education is a cornerstone of what I offer clients.

The future of the Internet includes websites managed by their owners and I am here to help you get started AND keep going.

If you have any questions, just use my contact page 🙂

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