IT with Alex Liebeskind

//IT with Alex Liebeskind

IT with Alex Liebeskind

Today I met with Alex Liebeskind. He’s the kind of guy who conveys a sense of calm excitement. Maybe it’s his age. He’s mid 20’s and that’s when you feel like you’re at your best and can take on the world.

Alex does many things, but his main focus is IT. IT is the vauge accronym used to describe people who fix PC’s, networks, and keep out bad guys. For what he does, he works cheap.

Alex has some nice clients, but he’s ready for more. I like his approach to network support: assess, diagnose, and then prescribe. Many people who wear the IT hat, are a bit hasty at first blush and leave loose ends. Alex doesn’t play that way. He takes the extra time to check the little things that can become big things.

If your PC or net is making you fret, give Alex a call.   (520) 405-4355

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