Macbook Air is pretty sexy

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Macbook Air is pretty sexy

Macbook Air

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Apple just announced the new Macbook Air. Ordinarily I would yawn this off, but this time they did a few interesting things to get my attention.

  1. They made it weigh less then 3 pounds
  2. It’s less than an inch thick
  3. It uses flash memory instead of a hard drive soldered on to the motherboard
  4. It’s almost all battery
  5. Price starts at $999

In a net shell, you get a notebook with 5 – 7 hours of battery life, that would fit in a notebook. It has a full size screen with a dedicated graphics chip. Everything loads super fast. Virtual memory is super fast. It wakes from sleep instantly. No moving parts to fail (except for the keyboard).

I could easily see myself carrying one of these around all the time. It’s super light and could get me through a work day just about anywhere.

I’ll probably post more on this as my thoughts gell.

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