PRIORITY #1 – Online Reputation Marketing

Much like building a house, a great Internet Marketing plan starts with a good foundation.

Without a good foundation, a house will not withstand a storm,

it is true for your business too.


Because we all love to get suggestions on the next great place to eat, the next blockbuster movie, the best place to buy a car, or furniture, or… just about everything.

We trust the reviews that others give us.

We trust them even more than we trust ads.

When people check your reviews online,(yes, they will check), what will they see?

Like it or not, your online reputation will either have them walking in your door, or running to your competition.

The more online reviews you have from more online reputation sites,

  • you rank higher in search engines

  • the better your chance of appearing on the first page of a search

  • people will actually visit your website

  • you will get more sales

So go ahead, search your business for reviews.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Are you satisfied with what you see?

Are you spending money on online ads?

Maybe you should take care of your online reputation first.

You could be losing prospects due to no reviews or poor reviews.

Make this your #1 Priority.

Ready to learn more?

We explain it in more detail on this page.