Designing a website is more than creating just another

“pretty face”

Website AUDIT

If you are going to fix something, doesn’t it make sense to know what needs fixing?

You first need to review your website, what works, what doesn’t.

What you like about your website and what you don’t like.

What are your website wins, what are your website losses?

Is there anything about your website that keeps it hidden from sight?

You should have a website audit before you jump into a new website.

Yes, I want a WEBSITE AUDIT!


You need to update your website themes, plugins, and applications regularly.

Your website security depends on updates to defend against attacks.

Your website depends on the ability to interact with other programs on the internet.

When one program is updated, it can affect the functions of other programs.

Your website visitors expect to have a pleasant experience.

Don’t allow your visitors to walk away with a bad experience.

Tell me more about updates!

Website Re-Design

Maybe your website just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If your website is more than two years old, it is time to refresh.

Your website visitors expect relevant and timely information.

Your website visitors want to see new images of your product or service.

Search engines want to see new information to keep you ranking high.

Your website may function better with new plugins and applications.

Let us help you with the design of your future website.

I want to discuss a website re-design!

Website Security

Your website may be vulnerable to “cyber attacks”.

No one is completely safe, but you can be safer.

Website applications and plugins help protect your website.

Regularly scheduled updates increase security.

Don’t risk your website to:





Shut down

Help me be protected, please!

Website Recovery

Your website should be backed up at least every week.

Backups on secure servers make recovery simpler.

Backups save hours/days of rebuilding.

Website applications and plugins sometimes have bugs.

Regularly scheduled backups increase security.

Don’t risk your website to shut down.

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