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World-class SPAM and Virus filtering

Q: How does it work?
A: The system grabs all incoming and outgoing email. It can mark, quarantine,  or kill incoming SPAM or Viruses and it will catch outgoing Viruses

  • You decide how often to be notified about quarantined email
  • You can let us know how strict to make the filter
  • You can have an in-house administrator manage the account
Q: How much better is it?

A: I’ve been testing it on my own account for 20 days and it stopped hundred of spam messages
Q: What if I miss an important message?
A: You can get a notified of new quarantined messages multiple times a day (if you really want). So far I have not missed a message
Q: What if I need HIPAA compliance?
A: This service will make all your affected mail boxes compliant
Q: how much does it cost?
A: promotional rate $2.09 per box per month (until Dec 31st, 2014)* Our service is HIPPAITAR and Safe Harbor compliant