Last week I promised that I would be back…that and I promised more suggestions for business success.

I know that you are busy and watching every penny. We sure are. So I wanted to point out an opportunity.

Have you noticed how many billboards and bus benches are advertising for non-profit organizations lately? Well that is a signal that the advertising media are struggling to sell space. In fact, they are giving it away to non-profits for a tax break.

For you this means that you could get a smoking deal on ad space. If the price seems too steep, have you considered co-branding? That is sharing ad space with a compatible business. Restaurants and theaters make great pairs. Who would be a good partner for your business?

Don’t take my word for it. I’ve got a friend named Priscilla Sheridan. She specializes in marketing strategies and Public Relations. She has generously offered to fit you into her schedule for a phone call or visit if you mention this email. This Lady knows her stuff, and this is a very generous offer. I encourage you to say, “Hello!”

You can make an appointment by calling her at (520) 749-5845

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