What a bargin ;)

What a bargin ;)

Jawbone PRIME JBT01 Bluetooth Headset

So my wife, in her infinite wisdom, got me an Amazon gift card for Father’s day. Apparently I’m hard to shop for. :{

I don’t think I’m hard to shop for. Go figure.

Anyway, there were so many cool gadgets. Bigger memory cards for my phone; a stylus for touch screens; a cloth that keeps the notebook screen clean when it closes. This list could go on and on.

Finally, I settled for a good bluetooth headset. I lose or break them more than I care to admit.

I found one with a low profile and noise canceling features called the Jawbone PRIME JBT01 Bluetooth Headset. Looking around on Amazon I found it listed for as much as $100. Ouch.

Jawbone PRIME JBT01 Bluetooth Headset

Click me for big version


Now I don’t usually give up that easily on Amazon. And I had a virtual gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. So I looked a little harder and found this:

Jawbone PRIME JBT01 Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – Silver for $21!

Try that at Costco 😉

To the right is a pic of what came in the mail 2 days later. So far it is the clearest sound I’ve ever had on a bluetooth headset. (I’ve used 4 others). It comes with a wealth of parts to adjust perfectly to your ear and a charging cable that can plug into your computer’s USB port or an A/C adapter.

Let me add that the charging cable has a nice magnetic connector like some of those new notebooks. So you don’t feel like you are putting extra wear on the headset when you attach it to the charging cable.

So far, I really like it 🙂


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