YouTube is changing the way ads are shown on YouTube Videos

To protect advertisers from showing their ads on uploaded video content that do not meet “general moral standards” YouTube is removing advertising from many YouTube channels and placing stricter requirements on having advertising added to YouTube channels in the future.

What does this mean for the average business on YouTube?


Standard YouTube Business Channel vs. YouTube Ad Revenue Optimized Business Channel


It depends on the business’ goal and what they intend to do on YouTube. Most businesses would not upload videos that offend viewers so they would not be subject to the new YouTube restrictions.

But what about businesses that want the YouTube Ad revenue that comes with preferred YouTube status? These businesses will have a higher barrier to entry. They will have to do more to optimize their YouTube channel and YouTube videos to become eligible for YouTube Ad revenue or restore eligibility.


Passively Building a YouTube Business Channel


Right now, a business could create a YouTube channel, upload a video hoping that people see it and act on it, hoping that the channel grows over time reaching a wider audience as it does.

That is the passive and, unfortunately, the usual way of building a YouTube channel for a business.


Actively Building a YouTube Business Channel


Alternatively, businesses can take an active approach to building their YouTube channel.  

Create a video that explains how their business solves their customer’s issues. Find the keywords that people are

Video Marketing YouTube for Business

Video Marketing YouTube

searching for when looking for their services. Upload their video to their YouTube channel with the video keyword and description optimized so that people searching will find the business. Share the video on other platforms to get it in front of as many eyes as possible, like sharing the video on other social media channels or in emails going out to followers of the business.

With the new requirements, before a YouTube channel can be monetized, it will require a user base “watching a total of at least 4,000 hours of their clips within the preceding 12 months and notch 1,000 followers”.


This is how a business can begin the process of building an effective video marketing program online.

Change is constant, but the problem is that we have too many “chicken littles” running around.

Just recently, we had some major fallout on the proposed changes that Facebook made to its News Feed…  “Oh no, the sky is falling… YouTube is changing the way ads are shown in its videos… “Oh no, businesses are losing revenue on YouTube”.

Businesses and marketers are subject to the rules of the platform on which they conduct transactions and interact with customers. What separates the successful businesses/marketers from the also-ran is preparation for the possible changes and reaction.

If you read our post about the recent Facebook News Feed change, you know that we told our business clients not to follow the standard advice on what to do in response to the Facebook News Feed changes. Instead, we gave them viable and effective alternatives that would work not just for that News Feed change but would work for any upcoming changes to the platform.  What held true then holds true now:

  • Never put all of your eggs in one basket
  • Share your content across multiple platforms to get as many eyes on it as possible.
  • Remain flexible and not rigid
  • Always be prepared to have changes made to your platform that restrict access or make your business’ online process harder

For now, just remember, Facebook…YouTube…Twitter… are platforms that your business resides on. You are subject to the whims and policies of the platform providers. You need to position yourself to take advantage of every opportunity on these platforms, but you also have to be prepared in case your business falls afoul of the platform.  

That is “eggsactly” what “Chicken Little” should have done.  

If you have any additional questions about how the YouTube Ads change might affect your business, have questions about video marketing, or if you have other digital marketing requirements that you are working through, contact us today.