What is this BNI thing?

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What is this BNI thing?

As more people read this blog, I am asked, “What is BNI?”

Business Networking International (BNI) is the best way to market your business. Period. For 25 years BNI has helped business people the world over improve their business networking skills and master the art of business by referral.

BNI is part club and part high performance selling organization. It is composed of chapters all over the world that hold a 90 minute meeting once a week. This meeting follows a specific agenda. This agenda is the same in over 51 countries. They all follow this agenda because it works.

BNI is better organized than the Mob and more fun than Chuck E Cheese and less expensive than a weekend at Disneyland. It teaches public speaking, how to market your business, how to build visibility, how to improve self confidence, and how to develop a sales force of 20 – 40 members.

I personally know people who have made thousands of dollars doing business in their BNI chapter after only a few months of membership. It really is that good. You will have to work at it, but it’s fun work with fun people.

You can learn more about BNI here. If you would like to see how business gets done in person, come visit a chapter meeting. Just  contact me.

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