WordPress Advisory

WordPress Advisory

WordPress 3.2 is out – Handle with Care

If you spend any time in your WordPress site, you may have noticed that version 3.2 is available for an update.

If your website uses a slideshow/slider, this update will probably break it. Right after testing the new version on our Focus Web Works site, I upgraded one of our clients. The first thing we noticed (after the cool new look for the dashboard) was that her slideshow stopped working.

I’ve since done quite a bit of research and discovered that most slideshow/slider plugins are not working.

One more thing… It turns out that the WordPress developers group has decided to sunset Internet Explorer 6.0. This means that you should avoid upgrading if a large portion of your clients use IE 6.

If either of these situations are a concern for you, we recommend that you wait on that upgrade or at least contact us about your options.



Nohl Lyons

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