WordPress plugin to the rescue: imsanity

///WordPress plugin to the rescue: imsanity

WordPress plugin to the rescue: imsanity

WordPress is a fantastic tool for managing your own website. Not so long ago, you had to hire someone to add images to your website. I’m glad that’s over. 

Well WordPress made it so easy, people often got carried away; but like the good book says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” (Spider Man)

Problem: People try to upload images (from their digital cameras and smartphones) that are too large to display efficiently.

Typically an image on a website should not be larger than about 150KB. Many smartphones often creates a 500KB to 2MB images. Many Digital cameras easily create 2MB data files. These large file sizes are overkill. WordPress doesn’t limit the size of the file stored on your server. The bigger the file, the slower the download to your browser.

Solution: Imsanity plugin 

Imsanity (the plugin with the funny name) let’s you set a size limit for images after you upload them to your server via WordPress’s built-in media tool. This plugin is a huge time-saver for your workflow (even if you know how to size an image in PhotoShop.) Get your computer started, upload those big images all at once and go grab some coffee.

Guideline: In most cases you don’t need the large version of your images to be bigger than 1024 x 768 pixels. If you do not have any plugins or a theme that supports pop-up images, you probably don’t need images larger than 800×600 pixels. If you need bigger images, your theme, plugin docs, or designer should let you know.


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